Are you about to build your Data Warehouse with Microsoft tools and want to do it right first time?

This course is designed to help a novice understand what is involved in building a Data Warehouse both from a technical architecture and project delivery perspective. It also delivers you basic skills in the tools the Microsoft Business Intelligence suite offers you to do that with.

Surely it can’t hurt if I just build by feel?

A long time ago I built my first Data Warehouse. I knew our business needed one, but I didn’t have a clear idea of how to start. Fortunately I had the sense to bring some experts to build the first bits of it, so I accelerated the build process and avoided a lot of rookie mistakes.

A couple of years later, our core business system changed and I needed to rebuild the Data Warehouse. Unfortunately I had got a little overconfident with my experience – and went ahead and rebuilt without taking advantage of the jump in SQL Server versions. It was only years later I discovered what a missed opportunity that had been. I could have built it in less time and given better end-user experiences but my lack of broader experience and knowledge inadvertently and unknowingly cost the project in terms of cost and quality.

How I avoid making the same mistakes for my projects now

For myself, years of experience building and delivering these projects has taught me a lot of valuable lessons. I now know who the critical people are that are involved in project success. The right architecture decisions come to me more easily based on what I’ve seen in the field – both good and bad. It’s always easy to look back on decisions with 20:20 hindsight – and this course helps you pick some of that hindsight up at a much lower cost that making the mistakes yourself.

This course shares as much of my knowledge and experience as I can in two days to make sure that you understand:

  • The lifecycle of a DW project and managing each stage
  • How to get the Architecture right and keep your solution flexible
  • What tools you have to work with your data


What does the course teach you?

Over two days this course will help you get to grips with the core concepts of data warehousing and give you hands on experience implementing those concepts using the Microsoft SQL Server BI Toolset. This will also cover some aspects of presenting the data to users. To complete the picture we will round it out with making you aware of all the peripheral details that can enhance your solution and success.

This course looks at the whole of the Data Warehousing lifecycle – during the course you will cover not just the technical essentials but also key things you need to know about solution design, deployment, testing and ongoing management.  It will be a very “hands on” course, with plenty of development activity.

Key topics will be:

  • Delivery Approaches
  • The Three Main Data Warehouse architectures – Kimball, Inmon & Data Vault
  • SSIS Basics – Projects, Control Flows and Data Flows
  • ETL Basic Concepts
  • Moving Data with SSIS
  • ETL Control Frameworks
  • T-SQL
  • Database considerations
  • Data Quality
  • Master Data Management
  • How Big Data fits in
  • Code Management with Team Foundation Server
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Management


I thought the course was fantastic for someone like me who knows about dimensional modelling, databases from an infrastructure & development point of view. A lot was covered … I really enjoyed it.

– Arya Hafshejani, Asciano Limited

Eventbrite - Build your Data Warehouse in SQL Server & SSIS with the BI Monkey

So who is the BI Monkey?

The course is led by James Beresford, aka the BI Monkey. He is a veteran builder of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence systems for Banks, Governments and other businesses. He is a Microsoft BI Expert who has presented at TechEd and the Sydney SQL Server user group and has blogged extensively on the subject of Data Warehousing and ETL with SSIS. He has also written a book on Microsoft’s big data solution “HDInsight Succinctly” and is currently writing another for PowerPivot.

I would recommend the course to others as it was very informative about the sort of tools available for building a data warehouse and organising my data” 

– David Phillips, Newington College

Eventbrite - Build your Data Warehouse in SQL Server & SSIS with the BI Monkey

What should I know in advance?

This is very much a beginners course. Some familiarity with SQL Server will help but is not essential. What you should know – and preferably share with me beforehand so I can tune the course for you – is some idea of what it is you want to build when you are done. As a rule we spend about 50% of our time on Data Warehousing, 25% on Business Intelligence and 25% on project delivery and other theoretical aspects, but that can change depending on your needs.

Beyond that please just bring a thirst for knowledge!

Discount pricing and other locations

Early bird rates apply until Nov 1st.

If you are outside of Sydney and are interested in this course please contact me and I will consider arranging to hold it in another State capital.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to obligations to the venue provider, refunds will not be offered if cancellation is advised within 7 days of the course commencing. Prior to that refunds will be provided subject to a 10% cancellation handling fee per ticket.

If the course has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances then a full refund will be provided, and as much notice as possible will be given.

Eventbrite - Build your Data Warehouse in SQL Server & SSIS with the BI Monkey

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