October Sydney training roundup – MS BI, Cloud, Analytics

The end of the year is closing in fast but there’s still plenty of chances to learn from specialist providers Agile BI, Presciient and of course, me!

Topics cover the full spread of DW, BI and Analytics so there’s something for every role in the data focused organisation.

Build your Data Warehouse in SQL Server & SSIS with the BI Monkey

Nov 24/25 – Are you about to build your Data Warehouse with Microsoft tools and want to do it right first time?

This course is designed to help a novice understand what is involved in building a Data Warehouse both from a technical architecture and project delivery perspective. It also delivers you basic skills in the tools the Microsoft Business Intelligence suite offers you to do that with.

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Agile BI workshops

Power BI specialist Agile BI brings your product updates on this key new self service BI technology:

Oct 15 – Power BI workshop – Excel new features for reporting and data analysis – more detail here

Oct 30 – What Every Manager Should Know About Microsoft Cloud, Power BI for Office 365 and SQL Server 2014 – more detail here

Presciient Training

Dr Eugene Dubossarsky shares his deep business and technical exercise across a range of advanced and basic analytics. Full details here but the key list is:

Dec 9/10 – Predictive analytics and data science for big data

Dec 11/12 –Introduction to R and data visualisation

Dec 16/17 –Data analytics for fraud and anomaly detection, security and forensics

Dec 18/19 – Business analytics and data for beginners


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July Training roundup

Ok, so there’s a lot of things happening in July or later in the year which you should be aware of, led either by me or people I know deliver great training across Microsoft BI, SQL Server, R, Data Science, Predictive modelling…  and more.

Build your Data Warehouse in SQL Server & SSIS with the BI Monkey

There’s a big advert to the right – this workshop taking place 28/29 July will help you get to grips with the core concepts of data warehousing, give you hands on experience implementing those concepts using the Microsoft SQL Server BI Toolset, then round it out with making you aware of all the peripheral details that can enhance your solution and success.

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AgileBI Workshops on SQL Server 2014 & PowerBI

AgileBI – which includes Iman Eftekhari, Viktor Isakov and myself – are delivering the following workshops:

  • What Every Manager Should Know About Microsoft Cloud, Power BI for Office 365 and SQL Server 2014 – 11/2 day session on July 24th
  • SQL Server 2014 & Power BI Jump Start – Full Day Workshop on July 31st
  • Power BI workshop – Excel new features for reporting and data analysis – lunchtime July 10th

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Presciient Training on R, Data Science & Predictive Modelling

  • Training led by the ever interesting Dr Eugene Dubossarsky in September across Canberra, Sydey & Melbourne – Sydney dates below:
  • Introduction to R and data visualisation – 9/10 Sep
  • Predictive modelling, data science and big data – 11/12 Sep
  • Data analytics for fraud and anomaly detection, security and forensics – 16/17 Sep
  • Advanced R – 18/19 Sep

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SQL Server Data Warehouse Training in Sydney – July 28

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed I’ve added a big countdown banner to the right of the page announcing a course “Build your Data Warehouse in SQL Server & SSIS with the BI Monkey“, running for 2 days from July 28.

The course is aimed at giving an overview of how to build and manage a Data Warehouse using the SQL Server platform as a base. It’s aimed to be a solid mix of Data Warehouse theory and hands on development to get the concepts locked in. For full details see my new “Training” page, but the key outcomes are:

  • Learn how to get the Architecture right and keep your solution flexible
  • Understand the whole lifecycle of a DW project
  • Get hands on with the tools you need to move data


The high level agenda is:

  • The Three Main Data Warehouse architectures – Kimball, Inmon & Data Vault
  • SSIS Basics – Projects, Control Flows and Data Flows
  • Moving Data with SSIS
  • ETL Control Frameworks
  • Database considerations
  • How HDInsight (Hadoop) fits in
  • Code Management with Team Foundation Server
  • Testing
  • Build Automation
  • Deployment
  • Management
  • MDS, DQS and other useful Microsoft Toys

Click the button to register now – look forward to seeing you!

Eventbrite - Build your Data Warehouse in SQL Server & SSIS with the BI Monkey

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SQL PASS DW/BI VC on Youtube!

Enough acronyms for you?

SQL PASS (Professional Association of SQL Server) runs what they call “Virtual Chapters” – that provide online training and activity – I presented to one last year as a practice run for my TechEd session. The BI/DW chapter is run by local SQL MVP Julie Koesmarno (perhaps some of you know her as Ms SQL Girl).

Anyway – the VC has now caught up with this wacky Youtube fad thing and got themselves a Youtube Channel. There’s a couple of videos I’m going to get stuck into sharpish – the Data Vault (subject for future blog post) and BIML (same) ones. There’s lots more and plenty to come, so bookmark it as a new and useful resource.

So thanks Julie – I’ve added a link to her blog on the blogroll & to the YouTube channel under training resources.


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SSAS Training Resource

I have added a link to Craig Utley’s excellent SSAS training video resource site LearnMicrosoftBI.com, which contains training videos on a variety of subjects in SSAS – dimensional modelling, Actions and the one I found most useful explaining the tricky but critical subject of Attribute Relationships (Video SSAS 109). Recommended for anyone starting out in SSAS or needing concepts clarifying.

Registration is required to download the videos (not sure why) – but it seems to generate no spam so not a big issue, and the content is very high quality for free content.

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Learning SSIS – first steps

I will be starting my series of posts on SSIS components shortly but for now I’ll introduce the resource that got me started on moving from DTS to SSIS.

LearnIntegrationServices.com offers a series of easy to follow videos – just recordings of the tutor’s screen as he walks through various SSIS concepts and techniques. Unless you are an American (or perhaps even if you are) his sense of humour will slowly drive you nuts, but it’s a small price to pay. According to the website today a 60 day subscription costs a mere 70 US Dollars, and gives plenty of time to yank down all the videos you are interested in. There are some free videos available so you can gauge the suitability to your learning style.

I advise having a PC with SQL Server / BIDS installed on it to play with as you watch – I found trying to replicate the tutor’s actions – and try other things – a helpful way to embed the knowledge quickly.

In case you are wondering, i’m not being paid for this, nor have I been asked to – it’s simply a good, cheap resource.

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