Two quick ways to fail at Social Marketing

I use LinkedIn quite alot for keeping track of business contacts and colleagues, and also for keeping up to date with thought within the industry using the Discussions. However the Discussions are fraught with spam and lousy social marketing. Here I will highlight two of the most ineffective practices, because they are really getting on my nerves and people keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

How to guarantee nobody reads your content

Simple – ask people for an email address before they can read or download it. Since you’re interested in putting people off, why not ask some marketing questions people don’t want to answer as well?

Imagine I was in the street and demanded name and address details before giving you a pamphlet. How many pamphlets do you think I would manage to hand out? Just like in real life, you have to give something to get something in return. If your article is any good – and relevant to the reader – a simple link to a sign-up page for further articles will garner more genuine, targeted responses. People who are interested in what you have to say will sign up – not those few people who may be interested but turn out not to be once they access your content.

If you want people to read your articles – give them away. Ask for involvement later, not upfront.

Got any spare change, mate?

So the next issue is how to effectively ensure nobody pays attention to your product or service. It’s very easy – just cut and paste your standard marketing blurb into a new post, or maybe as a response to a discussion without putting it into context.

For example: Have you heard of [Super New BI Product]? It will [Insert lies about product] and save your business [made up number] dollars. Just click here [link no-one will click on] to find out more or email [sales manager you will never email] to find out more about our amazing product and services. If you are even reading the end of this paragraph i’d be surprised – your brain has already tagged it as [spam].

Again, this is the equivalent of jumping in front of someone in the street and demanding they listen to your pitch. You will get as much attention as a homeless bum asking for spare change. It’s called social marketing for a reason. You need to engage with people, explain how what you offer potentially could assist them and you are willing to help.

Then they might talk to you, and you might get the business you are dismally failing to acquire using your current approach.


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