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Last week I spent some time in the company of the gents from BI & DW Australia, a specialist recruitment firm here in Oz for the BI & DW industry who also run a LinkedIn group focused on … well, BI & DW in Australia. So, first up – if you are an Aussie BI person, go sign up to the group – it’s not a recruitment hub but a valuable localised forum – a good way to get across some of the “names” in the BI Industry here as well as hear about locally relevant topics. This isn’t a paid plug – I believe they genuinely add something to the BI community here – and anyway I think we ended up about even on the bar bills :)

One of the topics we got on to was niche marketing – as this is exactly what they have done – pick a niche, focus on it and get good at it to build a good brand. No different to what Avanade do – their niche is certain areas of Enterprise IT (which admittedly is a whacking great big niche) but it’s an area of focus all the same.

Recruiter Keyword Spam makes me do what?

If you have no niche or market specialisation then you will be unfocused on your customers or market and this will become apparent when you deal with either. This manifests in recruitment with our friend keyword spam. I have a bit of SAS experience on my CV – which I last actively used in 2001 and am quite clearly – based on experience and work history over the last decade – a Microsoft / Enterprise BI guy now, and have no interest in SAS jobs. Nor would anyone hire me for one. But still I get spammed by unfocused recruiters who keyword search and send out jobs without accounting for my experience and skills. What impression does this give me? That as a recruiter you don’t know what you’re doing either in respect of me or your client. What behaviour does this drive? It drives me to add you to my junk mailer list and thus I will likely never deal with you again.

Conversely – if you know your market and your customers – any interaction will be beneficial, or at least likely enough that as a vendor your customer will think you input is at least worth taking the time out to hear. If the BI & DW guys called I’d answer because I know they would have something interesting to offer. Most recruiters go straight to voicemail and then the trash.

So apologies for a bit of a rant – but bad marketing annoys me – particularly when it’s aimed indiscriminately at me.  In summary – go join the BI & DW LinkedIn group – and don’t offer me SAS jobs.



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