Reference Environment Variables in C# Mappers for HDInsight

Within your Mappers and Reducers there may be a need to reference the environment variables being fed to the task, such as the file name. Understanding how to do so took a little digging on my part, with a little help from Matt Winkler in the HDInsight MDSN forum.

Using this snippet of code:

// Adding this reference at the start of the code

using System.Collections;

foreach (DictionaryEntry var in Environment.GetEnvironmentVariables())

Console.WriteLine(“{0}”, var.Key + “|” + var.Value);

// Some junk code so the mapper doesn’t fail

string line; // Variable to hold current line

while ((line = Console.ReadLine()) != null)

{             // do nothing            }


It was possible to output all the Environment Variables as the Mapper output and work out their format from the resultant text file it created.

Then, to reference individual Environment Variables in the Mapper, you can simply use variations on:


string FileName = System.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable(“map_input_file”);

string FileChunk = System.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable(“map_input_start”);

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