October Sydney training roundup – MS BI, Cloud, Analytics

The end of the year is closing in fast but there’s still plenty of chances to learn from specialist providers Agile BI, Presciient and of course, me!

Topics cover the full spread of DW, BI and Analytics so there’s something for every role in the data focused organisation.

Build your Data Warehouse in SQL Server & SSIS with the BI Monkey

Nov 24/25 – Are you about to build your Data Warehouse with Microsoft tools and want to do it right first time?

This course is designed to help a novice understand what is involved in building a Data Warehouse both from a technical architecture and project delivery perspective. It also delivers you basic skills in the tools the Microsoft Business Intelligence suite offers you to do that with.

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Agile BI workshops

Power BI specialist Agile BI brings your product updates on this key new self service BI technology:

Oct 15 – Power BI workshop – Excel new features for reporting and data analysis – more detail here

Oct 30 – What Every Manager Should Know About Microsoft Cloud, Power BI for Office 365 and SQL Server 2014 – more detail here

Presciient Training

Dr Eugene Dubossarsky shares his deep business and technical exercise across a range of advanced and basic analytics. Full details here but the key list is:

Dec 9/10 – Predictive analytics and data science for big data

Dec 11/12 –Introduction to R and data visualisation

Dec 16/17 –Data analytics for fraud and anomaly detection, security and forensics

Dec 18/19 – Business analytics and data for beginners


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An Introduction to Big Data for the C-Level

I had a play with xtranormal last night – a cute site that allows you to make simple animated videos of two characters talking – you’ve probably seen one or two in your time.

Anyway, I made one to Introduce Big Data to the C-Level – not terribly serious, but I’m hoping that “Big Data Bees” will become part of the Hadoop lexicon :)



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SQL Pass Day #3

The third and final day at SQL Pass was presaged by me at the bloggers table (though only able to manically tweet) watching Dr DeWitt’s keynote – and I can see why his keynotes are so highly regarded. His subject was Big Data – and given the potential for this to be a dull and impenetrable subject area – he gave a great and illuminating talk on the topic.

Topics that he covered included:

  • ACID vs BASE (i.e the battle between consistency of data vs. availability of data)
  • NoSQL is a means of querying raw data with no cleansing / structure / ETL
  • His expectation is that Structured (SQL) and Unstructured (Hadoop) data will coexist in organisations
  • Hadoop consists of Storage (HDFS) and Process (MapReduce)
  • MapReduce is too complex to work with so languages such as Hive and Pig sit on top of it
  • Sqoop is the tool to make Unstructured and Structured data talk – but performance is not good

I can’t really do his talk justice but now I understand Hadoop a whole lot better – essentially it’s just a read only store of unstructured data, a very different beast to a relational database and addressing totally different needs.

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