ETL Control Framework

Why do I need an ETL Control Framework?

What happens when your ETL process stops? Does it break? How do you even know? Can you restart it? Can it restart itself? Should some errors just be ignored anyway?

The BI Monkey ETL Framework is an SSIS and Database metadata driven Control Framework for the execution and control of the execution SSIS Packages that helps you answer all these questions and see the results clearly in simple dashboards. A few SSIS packages manage the coordination – which you never need to touch – and the rest is managed through entries in a database.

An SSAS tabular model, some SSRS reports and an underlying data model provide monitoring capability including execution progress and performance reporting.

Save your organisation spending valuable development effort!

Every consultancy I’ve worked in has rolled their own ETL Control Framework at great expense, every DW/BI project I’ve executed has implemented one – so why not just save yourself the effort and buy a ready made, tested and supported one with enterprise features?

The original version which covers basic capability for SQL2005/2008 implementations is freely available on Codeplex and has been downloaded nearly 8,000 times!  Feel free to download it and take it for a spin, and see the standard to which it has been built.

Commercially supported versions are now available for SQL2012/14 implementations that leverage the capabilities included in the SQL2012 release to improve release management,  logging and monitoring. The framework comes in two versions:

  • Core Edition: $1,500 AUD
  • Enterprise Edition: $2,500 AUD

Core Edition Features

  • SQL2012+ Deployment package
  • ETL Process Restart and Recoverability
  • Package level Error handling (Abort, Retry, Fail)
  • Task dependencies
  • Data extraction ranges
  • Full logging and auditing through template packages

Enterprise Edition Features

All the features of Core Edition, plus:

  • Multi threaded execution – run multiple packages simultaneously to maximise efficiency
  • Multi Server execution – coordinate multiple servers for very heavy workloads

How do I get it?

Buying the ETL Framework is easy – just email the admin address at and we’ll sort out delivery, provide implementation support and work out payment.


Some important details

Buying the BI Monkey ETL Control Framework is a one-off purchase with no ongoing support other than patches if bugs are identified. Updated versions will be provided solely  at the discretion of the BI Monkey.

If implementation or other support is required, it will be provided at the BI Monkey’s standard consulting rates, which will be discussed on request.

If you are a consultancy or other services provider you will need to provide one license per client that the Framework is deployed to. Bulk discounts will be considered if you plan to onsell.

4 thoughts on “ETL Control Framework

  1. hi, James!
    i just found your tool (v.1) , i think it will be useful, but i can’t find any documentation for it,does it exists?

    many thanks!

  2. Hi,

    I’m using excel as source and loading into SQL table. When I run package it working fine from my local(32 bit) but when-in if I keep package in server (64 bit) and try run i’m getting few errors.

    How can i run package in server?


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