Using SSIS samples from this site

Notes on using the samples on this site are below. I would be grateful if read them before contacting me with any issues.

SQL Server versions used

All the SSIS packages that are presented on this site are either in a SQL 2008 format for a 32 bit OS, or SQL 2005 format for a 32 bit os – the version available will be specified. SQL 2005 packages will be automatically upgraded to SQL 2008 on opening. Unfortunately SQL 2008 packages cannot be used on machines running SQL 2005 or earlier, and 32 bit versions of packages may not behave perfectly on 64 bit installs.

Databases used

Many of the samples make use of the AdventureWorks sample databases, which are available from Codeplex.  Any such packages will need to have the connection managers configured to point at your copies of these databases. Often when opening the packages for the first time they will take a while to validate as they are trying to connect to the BI Monkey’s server path, and this will raise errors in the packages.  The easiest way to remove these errors is to open the package, change the connection manager, save, close and reopen the package.

Some samples use the BIMonkey database, which is just a working database to play around in. Any packages referencing this will contain scripts to create the databse objects required. You can either add the BIMonkey database to your server, or change the connection manager to point at a database you do not mind having objects created in.

Text Files etc.

If sample files are included – text files, spreadsheets etc. they should be placed in “C:\BIMonkeySamples” before opening the packages. Again, if you want to put them somewhere else, don’t forget to update the connection managers referencing the files.

404 / Dtsx in Browser

If you get a 404 Page not found or the package displays as XML in your browser , remember you may need to right click / save as to download the sample to your PC. If that doesn’t work, please notify me in the comments and I will fix it. WordPress occasionally messes with the links as part of its archive process, though I do try to keep an eye on this.

Still not working?

If you have any other problems with using the samples or have any technical queries, please let me know either in the comments or mail me at the admin address for the domain.

3 thoughts on “Using SSIS samples from this site

  1. when i open the .sln file it loads previously opened packages. this is making it too heavy for the machine to handle Microsoft Visual Studio. is there any way in which i can stop the sln file to load previously opened packages? As I am not able to close them one by one or even by using close all but this option.

  2. I’m not sure how the solution file does it but it opens all packages that were open when the solution was closed. The only workaround I know of it to make sure you have no open packages when you save and close the solution.

  3. I try to execute this pkg in 2012. but getting following error.
    —— Build started: Project: Integration Services Project1, Configuration: Development ——
    Build started: SQL Server Integration Services project: Incremental …
    Starting project consistency check …
    Error : Project consistency check failed. The following inconsistencies were detected:
    ADO NET Source Component Basics.dtsx has a different ProtectionLevel than the project.

    Build complete — 1 errors, 0 warnings
    ========== Build: 0 succeeded or up-to-date, 1 failed, 0 skipped ==========

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