PowerPivot Succinctly – new eBook by me!

Want to learn more about PowerPivot? Syncfusion have published a new eBook “PowerPivot Succinctly” written by my good self.

A quick overview of the contents:

  1. PowerPivot Model Basics
  2. Using your PowerPivot Model
  3. Sharing your PowerPivot Model
  4. A Note on Instability
  5. Deep Dive: The xVelocity Engine

It’s a free download – so go help yourself!

2 thoughts on “PowerPivot Succinctly – new eBook by me!

  1. Where are the downloads for the book?

    “the sample workbook that supports this book contains all the data needed for these examples. The workbook is provided in two versions: one with the data imported as tables but none of the features built, and one with a
    completed model.”

    Chapter 1 seems to assume the reader has this, as there is no mention of bringing in data, instead it jumps directly to adding a column to existing data.

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