SQL Pass Day #1

So the BI Monkey was at PASS and intended blogging on his phone or at one of the many internet pods provided, but sadly WordPress and IE / Android aren’t friends so this is going to be a retrospective.

So, here are my takeaways from day 1:

From the keynote:

Denali becomes SQL2012 and is slated for release in the first half of next year (way to allow yourself some leeway on the final release date!)

Crescent becomes Power View – and will work on multiple mobile platforms – Apple & Android via Browser, WP7 via a richer app

HADOOP is going to be supported in Windows server – the first CTP is due next year. If you have access to the PASS DVD’s / Sessions – see Dr Dewitt’s presentation on HADOOP – very enlightening

From wandering around the summit:

As per Elad Ziklik of the DQS team, performance is one of their focuses for the next release

I got to finally meet Ivan Peev of CozyRoc after many years of email and phone conversations, and he told me about their new SAS Connector – which allows reading and writing to SAS datasets without an actual SAS install.

I also got to meet Matt Masson, guru of the SSIS team who told me about Project Barcelona – a tool that will do data lineage, metadata management and impact analysis via a crawler as opposed to a manually maintained set.

I also got to sit in on a customer feedback session about BI in the Cloud – unfortunately all under NDA – but it was a great forum to discuss and help direct Microsoft’s Cloud BI ambitions.

I also had a chat with fellow Aussie BI guy Roger Noble who told me about a use for the Term Extraction transformation in SSIS – using it to scan through documents and auto-tag them as the were uploaded to SharePoint – which is pretty cool.

So, that was Day 1… Day 2 to follow!

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