MSBI is Leader in Gartner Quadrant

As per Gartner’s January 2011 issued Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence, Microsoft BI is now a Leader among Leaders. Cynics may suggest you get the Gartner rating you pay for, but it indicates that the ongoing investment MS has made in SQL Server / BI is paying off well. MS BI now happily ranks alongside IBM & Oracle. What does this mean for us BI Monkeys? Well, for those of us who have bet our careers on MS as a BI technology path, that decision will continue to pay off.

Other things worth noting in the Gartner report are:

  • the trend towards easy to use BI consumer tools – for us, that’s Office & PowerPivot, but in the wider market that’s tools like QlikTech and Tableau.
  • Open source is continuing on the route to credibility but has a way to go
  • Major acquisitions have a long term negative effect (ahem… IBM / Cognos)
  • Predictive Analytics is likely the next area of innovation and competition. So for us, MS needs to do something – and SAS, if they are smart, should smell blood as they remain king in the Analytics space, and IBM should leverage SPSS hard.
  • Cost is an increasingly important driver – again, good for us MS BI folk

Gartner reports are always well worth a read for an overview of the industry, so get stuck in!

2 thoughts on “MSBI is Leader in Gartner Quadrant

  1. I think that cloud and mobile BI will be big trends in future years. It will be interesting to see what MSFT develops in those areas.

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