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Just a quick note – for those like me who didn’t make it to a Tech Ed event this year, Microsoft have been publishing all the session’s recordings online at If you dig into the North America sessions you can browse by subject for the BI tracks ( where I have been doing most of my viewing.

I’ve been through about 20 of the videos now (great commuting fodder on my shiny Samsung Galaxy S – a great Andriod phone) and my knowledge of the stack  has increased significantly as a result – the quality of the sessions is really amazing and a lot of the speakers are MS personnel, so the story is straight from the horses mouth.

I’ll also mention one video in particular – Budgeting, Forecasting and Performance Management with the MS BI Stack – – purely because its presented by one of my colleagues (Boyan Penev, see blogroll) and my boss, Lionel Gomes Da Rosa :)

As a final note, these videos are a great example of social marketing done right – by sharing this knowledge base and presentations, interested people can learn more and become excited about the product. No registration to put people off – if they like it – they will seek more.

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