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Shockingly, it appears it’s not just me on the Internet blogging about Microsoft BI :)

I’ve added a couple of new links to by Relevant blogs. First up is Boyan Penev’s blog– a good blog that I’ve been referencing in my recent excursions into MDX. He’s also just joined the consultancy that I work for, which is a happy coincidence.

Next is Duane Douglas’s SSISBI.com– particularly for his posts on programmatically building SSIS packages which is a 12 part series starting here. It is comparatively easy to build packages from code. One of the extensions of my ETL Framework project that I’m very keen on doing is getting a utility built that generates packages that conform to the framework, rather than using templates which are easier to break. Hence my current fervent studies in C# which will no doubt please Todd McDermid.

On the subject of Todd, he recently presented at a SQL Saturday, and put up a few presentations which I think were pretty on the nose about their subjects. First of those was a Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Primer – which for newcomers to DW/BI laid out the landscape nicely. The second was on the options available for Dimension Processing in SSIS. Finally there was one on the guts of SSIS which is in the same territory as my own ABC of ETL with SSIS. Follow this link to get to the post with the presentations.

One thought on “Other Blog roundup

  1. Thanks James! I just downloaded your ETL Framework – expect my feedback really soon (especially if I sit on the bench for a few more days) :)

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