Getting File Information with the Script Task

A requirement for a current client is to capture some information about Flat Files being loaded for logging purposes. Fortunately this is a easy job for the Script Task, using the following VB.Net code:

Public Sub Main()

‘ String variable to hold file name
Dim strFileName As String

‘ File name (including path) passed in from container
strFileName = Dts.Variables(“User::FileName”).Value.ToString

‘ Create a System.IO.FileInfo object to retrieve the data
Dim FileObject As System.IO.FileInfo = New System.IO.FileInfo(strFileName)

‘ Return the information via a message box
MsgBox(“File name ” + FileObject.FullName + ” created on ” + FileObject.CreationTime.ToString)

End Sub

The sample package for this post can be found here. To see what other properties can be obtained, just use Intellisense on the FileObject object in the code.

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  1. Peter says:

    Thanks, just what I was looking for !

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