A bigger and better known BI Monkey

BI Monkey has once again doubled in size – it is gratifying to know so many people are finding help here, and makes the effort put into this blog feel very worthwhile (the riches from the google ads only stretch to a pizza so far, so it’s definitely not materially rewarding!)

In another bit of good news, one of my posts has been linked to from the Integration Services page of the SQL Server Developer Center. It’s nice to be appreciated by the big guys – i’ve added a link to the page in the Links section.

Thanks to all who come by and I hope to hear from you soon in the comments – I always like to know what you like (or don’t like) about BI Monkey, and also to face a challenging problem every now and then!

Cheers, James (aka the BI Monkey)

3 thoughts on “A bigger and better known BI Monkey

  1. Hi
    I regularly visit your blog it’s really a great Integration services blog. I would like to ask you one question Can you tell me the BI Martket in Austalia. What I noticed it’s still not matured and really really small compared to US and the recruitment agents they don’t even know the differance B/W SQL 2000 and 2005 and BI OLAP etc. Industry is filled with (90%) un qualified just customer service experience (lousy CS) people. They don’t even care University qualifications and Industry certifications. They just demand local experience. I dont understant what is it exactly local experience means, suppose a guy from Australia wants to go to US on E3 visa who must got the Uni degree other wise no visa/ no job, but in austalia they don’t care about degrees and certfications and the market is also small and primative. I hope this will change in the comming years.

  2. Hey BI monkey. Slowly noticed you being linked to in several other blogs or forums … The CORTEX is one other notable site. Congrats on the growing numbers, apparently the monkeys will rule the world!

  3. @robin, thanks, glad you enjoy it.

    The “Australian experience” requirement is usually recruitment code for “is a permanent aussie resident” – hiring people on temporary visas or moving people to Australia can be an expensive and sometimes risky business, and Australian business is very conservative. This may explain your experience. The qualifications thing – well, there is a degree of amateurism in the market, not least because there aren’t enough skilled people to meet the demand.

    As for the BI Market here – yes, it’s smaller and overall less sophisticated than maybe the US or Europe – but we do have some world class people here. One advantage of Australia being a little behind is that the good guys can really “wow” with great solutions that far exceed customer expectations. It can be as great a place to work as it is to live!

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