BI Monkey getting bigger!

I really started putting some effort in to this Blog at the start of this year, and after posting more focused content and learning the art of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) i’m happy to say the BI Monkey blog has been doubling the number of hits it’s been getting every month since January – this June just passed there were 23,280 hits from 1,162 unique visitors. Quite a few of my posts are getting page 1 views on Google for component specific posts as well, hurrah!

I’m a happy BI Monkey as a result – now I just hope I can get some more comments and content requests – if you are a lurking BI Monkey follower please say hi in the comments and get stuck in to my other posts as well. Looking forward to getting your input!

James, aka the BI Monkey

3 thoughts on “BI Monkey getting bigger!

  1. BI Monkey, thanks for your response to the SCD question. Have started to look into TableDiff, could be a worthy post for your readers.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  2. I may do that – I definitely need to do a post on SSIS Extensibility at some point. I’m hoping to be doing some Beta testing for a company who are creating some excellent new components as well, which I will definitely be commenting on.

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