The Copy Column Transformation

Fig 1: The Copy Column Transformation

In this post I will be covering the Copy Column Transformation. The sample package can be foundĀ here for 2005 and guidelines on use are here.

What does the Copy Column Transformation do?

The Copy Column Transformation simply takes an input column and creates a duplicate of it with a new name. It’s pretty easy to configure, as shown below:

Fig 2: Configuring the Copy Column Transformation

You just select the input column and name the created Output column. You can duplicate an individual column as many times as you want.

When would you use the Copy Column Transformation?

Whenever you need to create multiple copies of an input column. However – like the Audit Transformation – this could just as easily be done in a Derived Column transformation, which gives you much more flexibility. So the BI Monkey advises largely ignoring this Transformation.

MSDN Documentation for the Copy Column Transformation can be found here for 2008 and here for 2005.

3 thoughts on “The Copy Column Transformation

  1. If you need flexibility, use the Derived Column transformation. If all you need to do is copy a column, use the Copy Column transformation.

    If for no other reason than it is self-documenting: when I see a Copy Column transformation, I know exactly what is being done; with a Derived Column transformation this isn’t always readily apparent.

    Advising against its use isn’t really logical. Use the best tool for the job.

  2. Maybe, but it also deprives the toolbox of additional functions – the number of components provided is limited – by providing junk components such as the Audit and Copy Column, it pads out the toolbox and falsely makes it appear more complete.

    I don’t disagree with your point, but I’d rather have more functionality than self documenting tasks.

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