Cannot View Data Mining Model in BIDS – function does not exist

I’d been running some Naive Bayes Data Mining models without problems as part of initiating a Data Mining exercise, so it was time to move on and cut the data some different ways. So I set up a Decision Tree model and it processed fine, but when I tried to view it a message box appeared telling me it wasn’t going to co-operate:

The tree graph cannot be created because of the following error:

‘Query (1,6) The

‘[System].[Microsoft].[AnalysisServices].[System].[DataMining].[DecisionTrees].[GetTreeScores] function does not exist.’.

Fortunately someone had hit this before, as the solution is rather obscure. The install I am working against is non-standard, being split across two drives. What had happened is the path for the Data Mining dll’s set up in the install process didn’t actually match where they were placed.

So when I looked under the assembly location – SSMS > AS Server > Assemblies > System > Properties, the Source Path referenced a dll that didn’t actually exist – so it appears this incorrect path does not raise an error when trying to start the server. To fix it, I located located where the dll really was, then updated the config files where this path is stored – System.0.asm.xml and VBAMDX.0.asm.xml – to point to that path.

A restart of the server and the models reprocessed and I could happily view the output!

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