SSWUG Virtual Conference & New blog links

I have picked up from the SSIS Team blog the upcoming SQL Server World User Group (SSWUG) Virtual Conference from April 22-24. The Virtual Conference will all be scheduled in American time, so unless you happen to be active between 11pm and 7am .au time, you won’t be able to watch the presentations live. However the presentations are all viewable for up to 2 weeks after the events. Attendance costs 125 US$, or about 175 AU$. There are some compelling presentations from well known industry figures on both SQL Server, and of interest to the BI Monkey, SQL Server BI. Full details for each can be found here for BI and here for SQL Server.

I’ve also added links in the Relevant Blogs section for the SSIS Team Blog and for Jamie Thompson’s excellent SSIS Junkie, where I have found more solutions to SSIS problems that anywhere else on the net.