SSAS Training Resource

I have added a link to Craig Utley’s excellent SSAS training video resource site, which contains training videos on a variety of subjects in SSAS – dimensional modelling, Actions and the one I found most useful explaining the tricky but critical subject of Attribute Relationships (Video SSAS 109). Recommended for anyone starting out in SSAS or needing concepts clarifying.

Registration is required to download the videos (not sure why) – but it seems to generate no spam so not a big issue, and the content is very high quality for free content.

2 thoughts on “SSAS Training Resource

  1. Thanks for the mention on your site. The reason I require registration is simple: I want to eliminate blog comment spam and forum spam. I have seen a number of sites where the comments and forum postings are useless due to spam, and requiring registration has prevented that for me so far. And as you said, I don’t spam members (I’ve never sent out a mass email to members, except for those who choose to be notified of new videos.)

    Anyway, keep up the excellent work on BI Monkey.

  2. Thanks Craig.

    I can understand restricting comments / forum access to registered members (I do the same here after all) – I was just unsure why you needed to register to simply download the videos.

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