Learning SSIS – first steps

I will be starting my series of posts on SSIS components shortly but for now I’ll introduce the resource that got me started on moving from DTS to SSIS.

LearnIntegrationServices.com offers a series of easy to follow videos – just recordings of the tutor’s screen as he walks through various SSIS concepts and techniques. Unless you are an American (or perhaps even if you are) his sense of humour will slowly drive you nuts, but it’s a small price to pay. According to the website today a 60 day subscription costs a mere 70 US Dollars, and gives plenty of time to yank down all the videos you are interested in. There are some free videos available so you can gauge the suitability to your learning style.

I advise having a PC with SQL Server / BIDS installed on it to play with as you watch – I found trying to replicate the tutor’s actions – and try other things – a helpful way to embed the knowledge quickly.

In case you are wondering, i’m not being paid for this, nor have I been asked to – it’s simply a good, cheap resource.

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