All quiet on the BI Monkey front

This blog has been quiet for a while as I have been buried in a government Data Manager / Oracle contract, and the amount of useful things i have learned there (beyond affirming my deep loathing of using those things in a BI context) could be written on twitter.

However I have on the side been studying for MCTS (BI) – that’s Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (Business Intelligence Developer) to you – trying to get myself in a fit state to pass exam 70-445. This is proving harder than I thought as whilst i’m pretty solid in SSIS, my SSAS and SSRS knowledge is sketchy, and the questions have a nasty habit of focusing on obscure technical details, such as command line parameters for dtutil, or how to set up the config files for an SSRS web server, that even experienced developers may not know. The whole experience has been good on the whole though, forcing me to understand the product suite much better, so I would recommend it to anyone who wants to focus on MS BI as a career.

One of the areas the exams look at extensively is Data Mining, which despite being very cool is not something you get a chance to play with very often. An output from this has been me having to create some sample data to play with so I can see how it works. Once I have a better understanding I will share it and see if anyone finds it handy.

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